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Maitreya Institute (again)

Has it really been six month since I posted? I knew it was long, but that long?

Last weekend I went to the Maitreya Institute again. I brought someone with me from Kung Fu, Irene. We enjoyed it very much and when we met yesterday (with Aikido) she was all enthusiastic.

It's so amazing, the effect that such a weekend has on one's state of mind. During the weekend you hardly notice a difference, but once you're gone the world looks different.
For me it means that, with every person I meet, every conversation, every step I take, I think of how I act, how I should act, according to buddhism and in the first days/week after the weekend I even try to do so. In quite an extreme way actually, just because you're so aware of the way you act.
Irene told me yesterday that she noticed it above all during meditation. When she was at the Institute she said there kept coming thoughts while (trying to) meditate, but now she was back her mind seemed so clear, silent.

It's such an inspiration. That's the main reason I keep coming back. Because of the people which I mentioned in my previous entry, but also because of the effect it has, and not so much because of the weekend itself.

I can't wait for the next weekend :)
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