I'm a stranger to myself (wiepie) wrote,
I'm a stranger to myself

Voluntary work

I’ve recently been doing some voluntary work, with children who have adhd or/and disorders related to autism. We don’t treat them or anything, we just take care of them during weekends or holidays, to supply the parents with some rest.
Today (08-01) I went there for the second time. There are always two adults (one qualified, one voluntary) on a maximum of six children.
Today it has been so great. It wasn’t always easy, I don’t always know what to do and feel very uncomfortable then, but most of the time I was surprised by myself. I took quite a lot of initiative, and it always (today that is) turned out well. This let to a whole lot of compliments (always nice to hear.)
I feel as if, if I would take it, I would get just as much responsibility as the qualified. I do almost exact the same. Today Miranda (with whom I worked the complete day except for the first and last hour when the shifts changed.) asked me whether I wanted to write the report on two of the children, cause she had to leave, something I did not expect to do soon. It had only been my second time! It was Miranda, by the way, who told me, she thought it ‘nice working with me’ she didn’t feel like ‘she had to tell me anything’ etc.
I felt uncomfortable with so many compliments, cause I had said thank you three times already (You’re doing very well – Thank you – I don’t have to tell you anything - Thank you - I mean it, anyway, really great – Well, thanks) and I didn’t know what to say more, but it did made me feel good. And it weren’t the only compliments.
I’m not writing down all the compliments, they were nice to get but aren’t of real importance right here. I don’t want to compliment myself, at least, that is not why I write this down. I write this because I want to describe the atmosphere there, and what makes me feel so good right now. I know I have some thing to work on (I don’t know very well how to react when children don’t listen, what response to give, what action to take, etc.) but I feel positive that I can overcome those. I’ll grow into that, after all, it was just my second time. (Do I say that to often???)
Anyway, the day had been really long in hours (13) but did not feel that long. If I should have guest the hours, I would perhaps have sad six, which is still much, but less than half of the actual hours.
I’m going there tomorrow again (09-01, I can’t post this until the tenth cause I don’t have internet.) and I really look forward to it. I hope it’ll leave me with as much a positive feeling as today.

By the way, my holidays where great as well.)
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