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Saturday I drove to Cologne to visit Emma. I drove there with my dad's car. It was the first time I went alone, with that car and (of course) managed to break it as well. Well, it wasn't total loss or anything, but the right mirror fell out as something hit it. (I don't know even what hit it.)
Anyway, still shaking a bit because of that accident (how do I tell this to my dad???) I arrived at Emma's place. She picked me up and we walked to her apartment. She has an apartment of her own, really nice, and really Emma-ish.
We first sad down and talked a bit. It really felt like old times again. (We don't even know eachother that long but with 'old times' I mean a year ago or so, when we visited eachother frequently and just hanged around.)
After a while we went to a (the?) park and walked around, watching the water (there was this really nice, small, waterfall) and talking. (Charmed, Buffy, Sex and the city (which we both claim not to watch, but where we know everything about) and much more.)
We then went to the city center. There was this Christmas market and we ate a waffle with cherries. Also we went to some shops, e.g. 'SNAKE.' Emma had told me several times about the SNAKE, and I was really curious. It was a nice shop but it didn't end up in buying anything, mainly because I didn't have any money. Later, on a(nother) Christmas market, I bought some Tibetan prayer flags (a present for my mom), which I lost again, somewhere in the crowd. :(
It was around 17:30 (thus dark) when we decided to walk to the Dom, not to far away. It looked REALLY spooky. As you might know the Dom is quite dark. As the sky was also dark AND it was really misty so you couln't see the top, I couldn't but think that it looked just like Isengard. I wished we had had a camera.
Our day together ended with a dinner in a little Mexican restaurant which also sold Indian food. (Strange right?) Anyway, I had a (vegetarian) Wrap Delhi-cious which was really nice, with Mango chutney and a yogurt dressing. Just delicious.
We went back to Emma's apartment where I took my stuff and we walked to the car. I drove back and came home safely. (Luckily my dad didn't get mad.)
I hope many more days like this are to come, I had a wonderful time.
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