I'm a stranger to myself (wiepie) wrote,
I'm a stranger to myself

Maitreya Institute: Teens-weekend

Last weekend I went to the Maitreya Institute for the teens-weekend and had a lovely time. It didn't do so much with me as last time, it was less intense, but I loved seeing all the people again, especially Eva. We made an appointment to go and drink some tea in Kampen where the tea is supposed to be really great, so I really look forward to that. It was also really great to talk with Micheal who grew up in Nepal and Southern India, being a buddhist monk from the age of six. He gave us some teachings but joined in during other activities as well. On his request we played frisbee for example, (I was on his team, and barefoot) and he also chose the movie we watched in the evening: 'Fluke.'
The session with the singing bowls and other instruments was also fabulous, there was this amazing instrument that could imitate dolphins exactly. He (Peter Gouw, a sound-therapist) told us it was even used to communicate with dolphins, that he was the only one in Holland who had such an instrument and that it was often asked for recording cd's and stuff. We also painted a stupa made out of plaster. Some of us, including me, worked really precise and it took me about four hours to finish it. It wasn't completely dry when I had to take it with me, but it turned out okay.
Though you feel home as soon as you arrive and you feel like you've known all these people for ages, the weekend was much too short. Everyone agreed about that, and they're planning on doing a summer camp of five days, which I truly hope will become reality. The next teens-weekend will be in March and I really want to go again. I'll probably go to some teachings from Micheal as well, in the coming months.
The weekend ended with saying goodbye to everyone, except to Euf, the founder of the teens-weekend. I drove with him to Sneek, where we first had a cup of tea in his house and who then brought me to the train station. We also agreed that we would go to Hantum, to a large stupa, some time soon. Oh I really look forward to everything, tea drinking with Eva, going to the stupa with Euf, the teachings of Micheal... I just love my life right now.

There were some other things I wanted to write about, but that'll come later. (Or not)
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