I'm a stranger to myself (wiepie) wrote,
I'm a stranger to myself


After Vienna I had another week rest (well, rest... celebrating my birthday and stuff) and then I went to Lowlands, a three day festival. I wouldn't want to miss it, ever!

Friday: Novastar-the Hives-Keane-Everlast-Groove Armada-The Offspring-Minzkov Luna
Saturday: Blood hound Gang-The Sheer-Velvet Revolver-dEUS-I Am Kloot-Auf der Mauer-Within Temptation- 80's verantwoord: 7 Inch Twins
Sunday: Dance works Rotterdam-Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra-Ocean Size-Flogging Molly-Epica-Franz Ferdinand- Graham Coxon

And further more, nice food, doing whatever you want, shouting for 'Theo' (not me personally), lots of rain, meeting Eva, who I hadn't seen since February, laughing about Femke and her 'relationship' with Laurie (the singer from the Rasmus) being totally lazy, laying in the grass in the sun (only on Sunday) and than have to go home early, because next morning I had to be at my new school at 10 p.m. And so I had to miss the Distillers, Soulwax, Papa Roach, and the White Stripes. Oh well, it was an awesome weekend anyway.
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