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After the strand-6-daagse, I was in Holland for over a week. In that week I moved to Leeuwarden, and prepared for my next holiday to Vienna.
I went there with Emma, just the two of us. We had a great time meeting people (internet-friends from Emma) and being crazy.
Every evening and night, we started to speak in German, I don’t know exactly way, but it was a good way to practice my German or so we said. It turned out that Emma held monologues, and I said ‘Ja’ and ‘Nein’ once in a while. (or ‘vielleicht’ or ‘Ich weiss nicht’) When I actually wanted to tell something I soon turned to Dutch.
On Monday we would meet Ines, a friend of Emma, at a bus station, but Emma and I decided to walk because we had all the time in the world and we liked the surroundings. So we followed the Danube river and walked through the green surroundings. At some point the grass was sprinkled, also making the path wet. We decided (or I think it was me, I decided) to go through it, looking at it as a sort of game, figuring out when the sprinklers would be where, and trying to get to the other side dry. There were more sprinklers than I thought though and we ‘walked’ for maybe half a kilometer, running, jumping and waiting, but we got to the other side and as for me, I was still quite dry.
Than we met Ines, who took us with a water bicycle onto the Danube river, in which we swam. I had a lovely time and couldn’t have thought of a way to spend my time better. It had been really hot, so it was nice to cool down, and she brought her dog so I had some company while Ines and Emma rambled about Inspector Rex in German. (I didn’t say very much, exactly for those reasons, I didn’t know Ines too well, don’t speak German too well and I’m not Rex-obsessed.)
On Wednesday we went to another friend of Emma as well, who lived in Graz. We missed our train and arrived late, but we still saw most of the city. It’s a nice city to spend the day and Jacqui (Emma’s friend) made sure we saw every touristic attraction.
More crazy stuff: In Holland I walk barefooted more often, but I actually decided not to do so in Vienna because it could ruin my holiday if I stood in something sharp. In the underground however, I saw a man who was also barefooted and it made me completely happy. He wasn’t a vagrant, because he had a watch and a cellphone and everything, but you could see he was just being himself. At some point I made eye contact with him and he laughed. At that moment I regretted not being barefoot at that moment because I couldn’t tell him how happy he made me. So the next day I decide I would walk through Vienna, barefooted. It resulted in lots of reactions (quite a few negative, but who cares?) and fortunately no foot problems.
We also found a hippie-cafe, where we could eat very good and very cheap. Just as cheap as in our youth hostel so we decided to eat there more often, which ended up being only twice because they already closed at 8 a.m. (Don’t ask me why.) There were beautiful lamps and wall-cloths and vegetarian food and candle light, I really liked the atmosphere.
As already said, it was hot, during our complete stay there. Esspecially in our room which could hardly be ventilated, and the nights were not too good. So when, in the evening, there was a sudden downpour, we ran down (four floors) to walk through the rain. Lots of people tried to stop us and to make clear it was raining (duh!) but that was exactly what we wanted. After half a minute in the rain we were soaked and walked back in. We were stared at by over twenty people, but that night I finally slept comfortably, under my (still wet) skirt that kept me cool.
The last day we visited several musea and ended our day with a trip through the city with a –much too expensive- horse and carriage. It was beautiful though, seeing the city during dusk while you hear the horsefeet and everything is just passing you by… A nice end of the holiday.
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