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I'm a stranger to myself

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Monday, January 11th, 2010
8:37 pm - Ik wil mijn privacy terug!!!
In mijn zoektocht naar hoe ik kan weigeren vingerafdrukken af te staan bij het aanvragen van een nieuw paspoort over een paar maanden/ wat voor mij de concequenties gaan zijn (want ik GA weigeren!) kwam ik dit brilliante artikel tegen:


Ik was van plan mijn ov-chipkaart ook niet te gaan gebruiken, maar ik wil ook nog wel overwegen de tactiek van deze fijne persoon te volgen. Helaas heb ik niet zo'n mooi NOG NIET VERLOPEN paspoort als hij, aangezien de mijne wel binnenkort verloopt...

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Sunday, July 26th, 2009
3:10 pm
I love this song:


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Monday, July 6th, 2009
5:57 pm
Onvoldoende voor mijn scriptie :(

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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
10:58 pm - Free hugs in Amsterdam
I just had to share this:

It really touched me, much more than I would have expected me to.

current mood: touched

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Sunday, March 4th, 2007
6:39 pm
Hey, I fixed it! I can log in again. (Don't know how I did that.)

So now I can start writing real entries again, friends-only entries.

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Monday, February 26th, 2007
3:41 pm
Arggh, I can't log into my livejournal account at home. (I'm somewhere else now.) That is, when I comment and log in at the same time, he does log me in for a second, so he does register the comment as 'mine' and not an anonymous. But whenever I'm trying to watch a page which is friends-only, including my own, I can't... I think it has something to do with the privacy options of the computer, but i don't know why it changed, or how I can change it back. :(

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Saturday, February 10th, 2007
12:01 am - I'm back, definitely
So, what have I been doing while I was away? (very very very short summary)

I finished my second year social work-study; decided I wanted a sabbatical; (so) went to South East Asia (Cambodia, Laos and Thailand) for nine weeks and returned to the Netherlands to find myself unemployed.

Now that's where I am.

During my trip I wrote dozens of emails and halfway through I was thinking: "Now why did I stop writing in my livejournal?" I thought of making the next e-mail into an entry, but I already spend lots of time on the internet and doing so would force me to write my email/entry both in Dutch and English, (my mom and especially her boyfriend are very poor readers in English) costing me therefore much more time. So I didn't, but I really started to miss it.
Now I'm back, have an internet connection and lots of time (at least until I find a job) so: Here I am.

Maybe I'll translate a couple (or all) of my emails in the next couple of weeks.

Today I went to pick up the pictures from my trip. Lots and lots of pictures. So tomorrow I can start cutting and pasting them into an album. (I can't start yet, because I don't have any glue :/) I'm really looking forward to that.

For now: Good night, it's 11:58 pm and I'm really tired.

P.S. Jonah is so cute!!!!

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
9:07 pm - Jonah!
I think this is a good time to start writing again:

1. I've got internet and 2:

I became an aunt for the second time!!!

Two hours ago Jonah was born. Unfortunately it's too late right now to go and visit them (at this very moment the last train, this night, leaves. Or one with which I can acually reach my destination anyway.) but it'll be the first thing tomorrow.

More updates comming up.

current mood: ecstatic

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
10:15 am - Maitreya Institute (again)
Has it really been six month since I posted? I knew it was long, but that long?

Last weekend I went to the Maitreya Institute again. I brought someone with me from Kung Fu, Irene. We enjoyed it very much and when we met yesterday (with Aikido) she was all enthusiastic.

It's so amazing, the effect that such a weekend has on one's state of mind. During the weekend you hardly notice a difference, but once you're gone the world looks different.
For me it means that, with every person I meet, every conversation, every step I take, I think of how I act, how I should act, according to buddhism and in the first days/week after the weekend I even try to do so. In quite an extreme way actually, just because you're so aware of the way you act.
Irene told me yesterday that she noticed it above all during meditation. When she was at the Institute she said there kept coming thoughts while (trying to) meditate, but now she was back her mind seemed so clear, silent.

It's such an inspiration. That's the main reason I keep coming back. Because of the people which I mentioned in my previous entry, but also because of the effect it has, and not so much because of the weekend itself.

I can't wait for the next weekend :)

current mood: thoughtful

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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
9:39 am - Maitreya Institute
Last weekend I went to the teenagers weekend of the Maitreya Institute again. I was overwhelmed (again) by all those lovely people, they are the ones that makes this weekend so special.
I met with Euf in Sneek, and together we drove to Emst, where the Institute is located. At the moment I came in I was hugged by several people, most memorable Ton, with whom I jumped around for a while sharing our joy. A bit later, after I had brought my stuff to my room, I met with Eva, who had shortly arrived before us, but whom I hadn't seen yet. We hugged too, and I remembered again what it was like to be around her. She can look at you in a way I can't describe. Later on, we were talking about giving people your full attention, focusing on them for a while and on nothing else. That was what she had been doing, I'm sure. That look, so full of love, made me in a way, feel threatened. It made me feel totally vulnerable. I could not answer her look with an equal one and I kept looking away. It made me feel miserable because I could not open myself to some one (not like that) and I could not give her what she deserved, just as much attention and love as she gave me.
I think it is because of this love and attention (not just from Eva, but also from Koosje and the others*) you get in such a weekend, that whenever I've returned from such a weekend (it was the third time) I feel more balanced, I have more discipline, and I am full of courage, wanting to change myself and my life. The effect of those weekends last longer than the actual weekend itself. I know that in a week or so this feeling will die away, but I enjoy it as long as it is still there. I cherish the hope that one day I can keep being as balanced as I am right now.

*Ton, Lian, Euf and all the teenagers

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Monday, January 10th, 2005
1:58 pm - Voluntary work
I’ve recently been doing some voluntary work, with children who have adhd or/and disorders related to autism. We don’t treat them or anything, we just take care of them during weekends or holidays, to supply the parents with some rest.
Today (08-01) I went there for the second time. There are always two adults (one qualified, one voluntary) on a maximum of six children.
Today it has been so great. It wasn’t always easy, I don’t always know what to do and feel very uncomfortable then, but most of the time I was surprised by myself. I took quite a lot of initiative, and it always (today that is) turned out well. This let to a whole lot of compliments (always nice to hear.)
I feel as if, if I would take it, I would get just as much responsibility as the qualified. I do almost exact the same. Today Miranda (with whom I worked the complete day except for the first and last hour when the shifts changed.) asked me whether I wanted to write the report on two of the children, cause she had to leave, something I did not expect to do soon. It had only been my second time! It was Miranda, by the way, who told me, she thought it ‘nice working with me’ she didn’t feel like ‘she had to tell me anything’ etc.
I felt uncomfortable with so many compliments, cause I had said thank you three times already (You’re doing very well – Thank you – I don’t have to tell you anything - Thank you - I mean it, anyway, really great – Well, thanks) and I didn’t know what to say more, but it did made me feel good. And it weren’t the only compliments.
I’m not writing down all the compliments, they were nice to get but aren’t of real importance right here. I don’t want to compliment myself, at least, that is not why I write this down. I write this because I want to describe the atmosphere there, and what makes me feel so good right now. I know I have some thing to work on (I don’t know very well how to react when children don’t listen, what response to give, what action to take, etc.) but I feel positive that I can overcome those. I’ll grow into that, after all, it was just my second time. (Do I say that to often???)
Anyway, the day had been really long in hours (13) but did not feel that long. If I should have guest the hours, I would perhaps have sad six, which is still much, but less than half of the actual hours.
I’m going there tomorrow again (09-01, I can’t post this until the tenth cause I don’t have internet.) and I really look forward to it. I hope it’ll leave me with as much a positive feeling as today.

By the way, my holidays where great as well.)

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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
5:04 pm - Cologne
Saturday I drove to Cologne to visit Emma. I drove there with my dad's car. It was the first time I went alone, with that car and (of course) managed to break it as well. Well, it wasn't total loss or anything, but the right mirror fell out as something hit it. (I don't know even what hit it.)
Anyway, still shaking a bit because of that accident (how do I tell this to my dad???) I arrived at Emma's place. She picked me up and we walked to her apartment. She has an apartment of her own, really nice, and really Emma-ish.
We first sad down and talked a bit. It really felt like old times again. (We don't even know eachother that long but with 'old times' I mean a year ago or so, when we visited eachother frequently and just hanged around.)
After a while we went to a (the?) park and walked around, watching the water (there was this really nice, small, waterfall) and talking. (Charmed, Buffy, Sex and the city (which we both claim not to watch, but where we know everything about) and much more.)
We then went to the city center. There was this Christmas market and we ate a waffle with cherries. Also we went to some shops, e.g. 'SNAKE.' Emma had told me several times about the SNAKE, and I was really curious. It was a nice shop but it didn't end up in buying anything, mainly because I didn't have any money. Later, on a(nother) Christmas market, I bought some Tibetan prayer flags (a present for my mom), which I lost again, somewhere in the crowd. :(
It was around 17:30 (thus dark) when we decided to walk to the Dom, not to far away. It looked REALLY spooky. As you might know the Dom is quite dark. As the sky was also dark AND it was really misty so you couln't see the top, I couldn't but think that it looked just like Isengard. I wished we had had a camera.
Our day together ended with a dinner in a little Mexican restaurant which also sold Indian food. (Strange right?) Anyway, I had a (vegetarian) Wrap Delhi-cious which was really nice, with Mango chutney and a yogurt dressing. Just delicious.
We went back to Emma's apartment where I took my stuff and we walked to the car. I drove back and came home safely. (Luckily my dad didn't get mad.)
I hope many more days like this are to come, I had a wonderful time.

current mood: happy

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Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
2:32 pm - Interview with my mom
I had to do an interview with my mom about my youth. Though it was hardly new to me (we're very open in discussing these kind of things) I though it would be nice to but it down here. It says a lot about be, what kind of child I used to be... So, here it is:

The interviewCollapse )

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
12:06 pm - Photo's!
Here're some pictures. Tristan's just six hours old on these pictures :)

That's me on the left. My oldest sister in the middle (=the mom obviously) and my other (middle) sister on the right.

current mood: ecstatic

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Monday, November 1st, 2004
5:37 pm
My sister gave birth to a son, TRISTAN.
I'm an aunt!

He was born last Saturday at 7:03 in the morning. He weights 3100 gram and is really healthy.
Luckily I was in Oss and not in Leeuwarden so I could visit them easily. On Sunday I went there as well. Now I'm back in Leeuwarden, but on Friday I'll go there again.
He's so cute!

Soon (very soon) I'll add some photo's.

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
7:56 am
I don't feel like writing about my school introduction anymore, but if you want to see some pictures:
If you come across red t-shirts, that's my team and class for the first modules.
If you wonder what all the eggs are doing on the photographs, we were suppost to keep them unharmed, during the complete introduction. (They were raw)
And if you come across some bare feet, those are mine...

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Monday, October 4th, 2004
11:11 am - Maitreya Institute: Teens-weekend
Last weekend I went to the Maitreya Institute for the teens-weekend and had a lovely time. It didn't do so much with me as last time, it was less intense, but I loved seeing all the people again, especially Eva. We made an appointment to go and drink some tea in Kampen where the tea is supposed to be really great, so I really look forward to that. It was also really great to talk with Micheal who grew up in Nepal and Southern India, being a buddhist monk from the age of six. He gave us some teachings but joined in during other activities as well. On his request we played frisbee for example, (I was on his team, and barefoot) and he also chose the movie we watched in the evening: 'Fluke.'
The session with the singing bowls and other instruments was also fabulous, there was this amazing instrument that could imitate dolphins exactly. He (Peter Gouw, a sound-therapist) told us it was even used to communicate with dolphins, that he was the only one in Holland who had such an instrument and that it was often asked for recording cd's and stuff. We also painted a stupa made out of plaster. Some of us, including me, worked really precise and it took me about four hours to finish it. It wasn't completely dry when I had to take it with me, but it turned out okay.
Though you feel home as soon as you arrive and you feel like you've known all these people for ages, the weekend was much too short. Everyone agreed about that, and they're planning on doing a summer camp of five days, which I truly hope will become reality. The next teens-weekend will be in March and I really want to go again. I'll probably go to some teachings from Micheal as well, in the coming months.
The weekend ended with saying goodbye to everyone, except to Euf, the founder of the teens-weekend. I drove with him to Sneek, where we first had a cup of tea in his house and who then brought me to the train station. We also agreed that we would go to Hantum, to a large stupa, some time soon. Oh I really look forward to everything, tea drinking with Eva, going to the stupa with Euf, the teachings of Micheal... I just love my life right now.

There were some other things I wanted to write about, but that'll come later. (Or not)

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Monday, September 20th, 2004
1:29 pm - Lowlands
After Vienna I had another week rest (well, rest... celebrating my birthday and stuff) and then I went to Lowlands, a three day festival. I wouldn't want to miss it, ever!

Friday: Novastar-the Hives-Keane-Everlast-Groove Armada-The Offspring-Minzkov Luna
Saturday: Blood hound Gang-The Sheer-Velvet Revolver-dEUS-I Am Kloot-Auf der Mauer-Within Temptation- 80's verantwoord: 7 Inch Twins
Sunday: Dance works Rotterdam-Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra-Ocean Size-Flogging Molly-Epica-Franz Ferdinand- Graham Coxon

And further more, nice food, doing whatever you want, shouting for 'Theo' (not me personally), lots of rain, meeting Eva, who I hadn't seen since February, laughing about Femke and her 'relationship' with Laurie (the singer from the Rasmus) being totally lazy, laying in the grass in the sun (only on Sunday) and than have to go home early, because next morning I had to be at my new school at 10 p.m. And so I had to miss the Distillers, Soulwax, Papa Roach, and the White Stripes. Oh well, it was an awesome weekend anyway.

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Friday, September 17th, 2004
1:25 pm - Vienna
After the strand-6-daagse, I was in Holland for over a week. In that week I moved to Leeuwarden, and prepared for my next holiday to Vienna.
I went there with Emma, just the two of us. We had a great time meeting people (internet-friends from Emma) and being crazy.
Every evening and night, we started to speak in German, I don’t know exactly way, but it was a good way to practice my German or so we said. It turned out that Emma held monologues, and I said ‘Ja’ and ‘Nein’ once in a while. (or ‘vielleicht’ or ‘Ich weiss nicht’) When I actually wanted to tell something I soon turned to Dutch.
On Monday we would meet Ines, a friend of Emma, at a bus station, but Emma and I decided to walk because we had all the time in the world and we liked the surroundings. So we followed the Danube river and walked through the green surroundings. At some point the grass was sprinkled, also making the path wet. We decided (or I think it was me, I decided) to go through it, looking at it as a sort of game, figuring out when the sprinklers would be where, and trying to get to the other side dry. There were more sprinklers than I thought though and we ‘walked’ for maybe half a kilometer, running, jumping and waiting, but we got to the other side and as for me, I was still quite dry.
Than we met Ines, who took us with a water bicycle onto the Danube river, in which we swam. I had a lovely time and couldn’t have thought of a way to spend my time better. It had been really hot, so it was nice to cool down, and she brought her dog so I had some company while Ines and Emma rambled about Inspector Rex in German. (I didn’t say very much, exactly for those reasons, I didn’t know Ines too well, don’t speak German too well and I’m not Rex-obsessed.)
On Wednesday we went to another friend of Emma as well, who lived in Graz. We missed our train and arrived late, but we still saw most of the city. It’s a nice city to spend the day and Jacqui (Emma’s friend) made sure we saw every touristic attraction.
More crazy stuff: In Holland I walk barefooted more often, but I actually decided not to do so in Vienna because it could ruin my holiday if I stood in something sharp. In the underground however, I saw a man who was also barefooted and it made me completely happy. He wasn’t a vagrant, because he had a watch and a cellphone and everything, but you could see he was just being himself. At some point I made eye contact with him and he laughed. At that moment I regretted not being barefoot at that moment because I couldn’t tell him how happy he made me. So the next day I decide I would walk through Vienna, barefooted. It resulted in lots of reactions (quite a few negative, but who cares?) and fortunately no foot problems.
We also found a hippie-cafe, where we could eat very good and very cheap. Just as cheap as in our youth hostel so we decided to eat there more often, which ended up being only twice because they already closed at 8 a.m. (Don’t ask me why.) There were beautiful lamps and wall-cloths and vegetarian food and candle light, I really liked the atmosphere.
As already said, it was hot, during our complete stay there. Esspecially in our room which could hardly be ventilated, and the nights were not too good. So when, in the evening, there was a sudden downpour, we ran down (four floors) to walk through the rain. Lots of people tried to stop us and to make clear it was raining (duh!) but that was exactly what we wanted. After half a minute in the rain we were soaked and walked back in. We were stared at by over twenty people, but that night I finally slept comfortably, under my (still wet) skirt that kept me cool.
The last day we visited several musea and ended our day with a trip through the city with a –much too expensive- horse and carriage. It was beautiful though, seeing the city during dusk while you hear the horsefeet and everything is just passing you by… A nice end of the holiday.

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12:28 pm
Before I go on telling about my summer holiday:


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